Offsite Training

Tarntipi Homelands Aboriginal Corporation (THAC) is currently providing an ‘offsite’ form of cultural awareness training. This comes in the form of a slideshow workshop delivered by Tiwi elder and educator Edward Portaminni in collaboration with award-winning photographer Nicholas Walton-Healey. As a stunningly visual and highly interactive experience, the workshop centres on connection with country, emphasising the significance of this for both Tiwi and non-Tiwi alike. It also offers an introduction to Tiwi Culture, Familial and Kin Relations, Engagement Protocols, Storytelling and the Tiwi language itself. The co-facilitation by Edward and Nick will demonstrate and model the necessity for relationships of mutuality and respect. The photographs will inspire reflection and connection. 

For over ten years, THAC has developed an inter-cultural space where locals and visitors to the island are able to experience Tiwi way: on country, with family. The photographs extend this journey to educational settings and contribute to a highly engaging and educative experience. This workshop has been designed in close and ongoing consultation with Tiwi eldership and can be delivered at the venues of businesses, service providers and educational institutions situated in Darwin and on the Tiwi Islands. 

The offsite training package is currently available and delivered over two, three-hour long workshops. Minimum of five participants, maximum of twelve. Contact Michael Massingham (0407 518 598) for bookings.

Tarntipi Homelands Aboriginal Corporation

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